A Guide to Government Contracts: How to Sell, Prepare and Deliver!


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July 25, Aug 8, 22 | 10am to 11am PT

WeBC has partnered with Procurement Assistance Canada (PAC) to help you explore the possibility of selling to a major client—The Government of Canada!

Whether you’re a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation, have 1 employee or 500 employees, you’re selling a product or service, there are opportunities to sell to the government. They are the largest purchaser in all of Canada, and the majority of the goods and services they purchase are from small and medium businesses like yourself.

Understanding the wide variety of products and services that the government purchases, and the step-by-step process, will improve your bidding strategies and help you save time.

Join WeBC and PAC for this free interactive series to learn how to:

  • Increase your sales opportunities with the government
  • Build capacity in your business so you can confidently bid on contracts
  • Prepare your business to efficiently manage and execute contracts

Series Schedule

Sessions are on Thursdays from 10am to 11am PT:

  • July 25 | Maximizing Sales Opportunities with the Federal Government
  • August 8 | Building Capacity for Federal Opportunities
  • August 22 | You Have a Growth Opportunity with the Federal Government: What’s Next?

Open to everyone!

A recording will be available after each of the live sessions.

Who is this for?

This series is for anyone who is curious about the possibility of selling their product or service to the government. It is suitable for businesses of any size and for those who provide both products and services.

About the Sessions

July 25 | Maximizing Sales Opportunities with the Federal Government

Discover effective strategies for selling goods and services to the federal government without the complexity of lengthy Requests for Proposals (RFPs). Barry Payne is a socio-economic entrepreneur who has personally been involved in over $200M in contracts with the federal government and was once its third largest supplier. In this workshop, he’ll share how you can use different avenues to secure contracts more efficiently. This workshop will show you how you can use Proactive Disclosures (government information published for transparency) to optimize your engagement with the government. He’ll also explore the importance of networking in navigating government procurement landscapes and pinpoint the key opportunities to maximize your business’ potential.

Join us to unlock new paths to success in government sales!

Facilitator: Cathy Burrell, WeBC Client Services Coordinator

Panelist: Barry Payne, Supply Team Leader with Indigenous Entrepreneurship Centre of Excellence, Procurement Assistance Canada

Thursday, July 25 | 10am to 11am PT | Free Virtual WeCafé

August 8 | Building Capacity for Federal Opportunities

RFx is an acronym that encompasses Request for Information (RFI), Request for Expression of Interest (REOI), Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Quotation (RFQ) and many more.

Navigating the response process for federal RFxs can be a daunting task. Yet, there are tools and strategies you can use to build capacity for future sales opportunities with the government.

This workshop will guide you through the essentials of preparing your business effectively. We’ll cover various proactive strategies to positively position your business for upcoming federal contracts.

Join us to strengthen your readiness for future government sales opportunities!

Thursday, August 8 | 10am to 11am PT | Free Virtual WeCafé

Facilitator: Cathy Burrell, WeBC Client Services Coordinator

Panelist: Sarah-Anne Hrycenko & David Kim from BDC

August 22 | You Have a Growth Opportunity with the Federal Government: What’s Next?

Securing a federal contract is just the beginning. Wondering what comes next? This workshop will delve into the essential steps and considerations for winning a contract. Learn about key tools and strategies to optimize your performance to ensure you meet or exceed government expectations. We’ll explore effective project management techniques, compliance essentials, and how to handle unforeseen challenges efficiently.

Join us to ensure the success of your contract from start to finish!

Thursday, August 22 | 10am to 11am PT | Free Virtual WeCafé

Facilitator: Cathy Burrell, WeBC Client Services Coordinator

Panelists: TBD


Meet the Facilitator

Cathy Burrell, coordinatrice du service à la clientèle de WeBC

Cathy Burrell est une entrepreneuse qui possède plus de 20 ans d’expérience dans la propriété et l’exploitation d’une variété d’entreprises. Elle est titulaire d’un master en éducation de l’université de Calgary, avec une spécialisation dans l’éducation des adultes, l’éducation communautaire et l’enseignement supérieur. Elle a enseigné la culture numérique et la communication à des adultes et a travaillé comme consultante pour des chefs d’entreprise afin de les aider à mieux connaître leur clientèle numérique.

Cathy estime que le COVID a mis en évidence l’importance d’une communication claire, à la fois en ligne et hors ligne. Elle travaille actuellement comme conseillère en services à la clientèle pour WeBC, où elle aide les clients à développer leurs compétences sociales, leur capacité d’écoute et leur esprit critique. D’après son expérience, savoir quand parler et quand écouter est la clé de l’empathie et de la compréhension, et elle aide ses clients à trouver cet équilibre dans leur entreprise.

Meet the Panelists

Barry Payne

Barry Payne is a socio-economic entrepreneur. From humble beginnings, he grew his first start-up venture Adirondack Technologies Furniture Inc from his basement of his home on the Hiawatha First Nation to the 3rd largest supplier to the Canadian federal Government, this venture had allowed him to expand into a variety of other entrepreneurial activities, which included, Adirondack Information Management, which provides Information Technology, Engineering, Professional and Administrative Personnel to the private and public sectors across Canada, and OnNation, a leading national provider of technology solutions, cyber security solutions and digital transformation platforms, for business, Barry has personally been involved in over $200M in various types of contracts with the Canadian Federal Government.

Not a person to sit around during retirement after exiting his business ventures Barry has recently accepted a role with PAC (Procurement Assistance Canada) PWGSC to assist them in reaching out to and encouraging equity deserving groups (LGBTQ2S), Indigenous and persons with disabilities, racialized communities and women businesses to increase their bidding efforts on federal government contracts, but also to assist these businesses in utilizing his over 20 years experience sharing.

David Kim

Since joining the Business Development Bank of Canada in 2010, David Kim has been a growth engineer
for entrepreneurs. He held a variety of positions including Senior Account Manager, Regional Coach, and Senior Advisor Learning. In his current role as Regional Manager Client Diversity for BC and the
North Region, David is part of a national team working closely with BDC colleagues in the field and
partner organizations where he connects underrepresented business owners with people and programs
to grow and scale their business. Prior to BDC, David’s lengthy career spanned the globe in finance and banking as well as business ventures in the areas of education and technology. A proud Canadian of Asian descent, he comes from an entrepreneurial family and understands the challenges in navigating through an unfamiliar business ecosystem. From his and his family’s lived experiences, David is acutely aware of the impact of representation and the inspiration from seeing someone that ‘looks like me’ in the business environment.

David is a graduate of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, B.C., and holds a Bachelor of
Commerce degree.

Sarah Anne Hrycenko

Sarah Anne is a proud culturally Deaf member and is American Sign Language user. She is currently an MBA candidate at Royal Roads University. She also ran a tile business on the side. Sarah Anne joined Procurement Assistance Canada (PAC) Pacific Region last year and brought an in-depth understanding of business and experienced various barriers as a business owner and citizen. Before joining PAC, Sarah Anne worked at the Ministry of Children and Family Development, Provincial Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, supporting numerous deaf and hard of hearing youth and their families navigating throughout the provincial system for services and resources. She is passionate about educating and spreading awareness of many fantastic opportunities in doing business with Government of Canada.

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