Financial Fitness Webinar Series: Shape Up Your Business Financials, Winter 2023


Jan 19, 26, Feb 2 | 10am to 11:30am PT

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When you have a clear picture of your business financials, many other aspects of your business come into focus. You can feel more confident making decisions, apply for funding opportunities, or hire new staff to free up your time.

WeBC is offering this webinar series to help you feel in control of your financials, achieve your goals and set up your business for success!

  • January 19 | Cash Flow: Budgeting For Your Business
  • January 26 | Financial Statements: Balance Sheets & Income Statements
  • February 2 | Know Your Numbers: 4 Key Ratios and What They Can Tell You

All sessions are from 10am to 11:30am PT and include downloadable workbooks.

Following these sessions, you will have the opportunity to connect with a WeBC Business Advisor for complimentary support to expand on your financial strategy.

Facilitator: Denise Wong, Principal and CEO, D-Squared Consulting

Who is this for?

This introductory-level series is open to anyone who would like to increase their financial literacy, master new skills and feel more confident managing the money for their business.

A recording will be available for 30 days after each of the live sessions.

Session 1 | Cash Flow: Budgeting For Your Business

If you run a business, you need to know when cash will be going in and out.

With cash in the bank, you can buy the supplies you need to fulfill your next big sale, deal with unexpected or forgotten expenses and make sure YOU get paid at the end of the day.

Setting up your cash flow management system is step one for getting your business finances in order, yet many business owners only deal with it once they have a problem. In fact, 82% of businesses that close fail because they experience cash flow problems.

This webinar is designed for business owners with little to no experience managing cash flow, who want to set up their business for financial success.

In this engaging session we will guide you through the basic steps of budgeting for your business, providing you with useful templates that you can use in your own business. Using interactive activities, you’ll discover:

  • The importance of proper cash flow management and how your revenue model impacts it
  • How to estimate the monthly inflows and outflows of cash
  • Developing a cash flow management process

Session 2 | Financial Statements: Balance Sheets & Income Statements

Whether you are managing your own finances, or have the help of a bookkeeper or accountant it is crucial that you understand the data so you can make informed financial decisions.

In this introductory‐level workshop we’ll work through practical exercises to help you understand the type of financial statements you should be using, and what they are telling you. You’ll learn how to:

  • Relate your personal dollars to your business dollars
  • Understand your income statement and balance sheet
  • Create your own financial statements
  • Use your financial statements to make better business decisions

Session 3 | Know Your Numbers: 4 Key Ratios and What They Can Tell You

Many business owners spend 80% of their time recording and creating financial reports, leaving only 20% of their time to look at what it’s telling them.

In this interactive session we’ll flip that ratio by breaking down and explaining basic financial principles that you can use to inform your decision-making on a daily basis.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions with guided support, so you can feel more confident discussing your numbers. We will also cover how to:

  • Use information in financial statements to make better business decisions
  • Calculate four key financial ratios for your business
  • Compare and analyze changes in your numbers from year to year

Please note this session is designed for women who have a solid understanding of their financial statements. It is also suitable for those who participated in the previous sessions in this series.

About the Facilitator

Denise Wong is the Principal and CEO of D-Squared Consulting, a Burnaby-based consulting firm that teaches clients how to “Grow Beyond the Numbers”. Denise and her team help organizations find efficiencies in Finance & Accounting by undertaking projects that entail the review of business processes, culture and systems. Because she is a natural facilitator and change agent, Denise can help business leaders achieve more than they envisioned.

Denise’s experience covers a wide range of industries, including hospitality, real estate, technology, mining and forestry. Denise enjoys working in fast-paced and high-pressure environments undergoing growth and change and working on complex business challenges.

Denise holds a CPA, CA designation and can be found on the tennis court or playing board games outside of work.


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