Financial Wake Up Call: Confidence Through Clarity


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Aug 21 | 10-11:00 am PT

Is your business fulfilling your financial needs? If you find yourself living off a line of credit, behind on taxes, or using your savings to start your business, you’re not alone. But maybe it’s time for your financial wake up call!

Taunya Woods Richardson is an entrepreneur who invested everything in her business and lost it all. Now, she uses her hard-earned knowledge and expertise to help other business owners confront their finances head-on.

On August 21, we’re hosting Taunya for a free, interactive session to help you understand your needs and numbers, including:

  • How much the business needs to pay you monthly;
  • How much money you’ll need for retirement; and
  • The current return you’re making on your business investment.

All registrants will also receive complimentary access to Taunya’s program “The Wake Up Call: 5 Day Challenge” to dive deeper into each area of your finances.

Join us to get inspired to take control of your financial future!

Free and open to everyone

Wednesday, August 21 | 10am to 11am PT | Free Virtual WeCafé

Facilitator: Cathy Burrell, WeBC Client Services Coordinator

Panelist: Taunya Woods Richardson, Founder + CEO, Nail The Numbers

Meet the Facilitator

Cathy Burrell, WeBC Client Service Coordinator

Cathy Burrell is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience owning and operating a variety of businesses. She has a Master of Education degree from the University of Calgary, specializing in adult, community and higher education. She has taught digital literacy and communication education to adults and has worked as a consultant for business owners to give them insight into their digital customer base.

Cathy believes COVID highlighted the importance of clear communication, both online and offline. She currently works as a Client Services Advisor for WeBC helping clients develop their social, listening and critical thinking skills. In her experience, knowing when to talk and when to listen is key to empathy and understanding, and she works with clients to find that balance in their business.

Meet the Panelists

Taunya Woods Richardson

Taunya Woods Richardson is a serial entrepreneur, financial strategist, and behaviourist who is applauded for her innovative and refreshingly pragmatic approach to inspiring money mastery among entrepreneurs. On stage, she’s a riveting, genuine, and unforgettable speaker, engaging audiences with a wide range of science-backed financial insights that offer a life-changing impact. 

She’s the creator and architect of the Cashflow Canvas and the Founder and CEO of Nail the Numbers. Her 30+ years immersed in entrepreneurial finance has led her to work with federal banks, credit unions, NGOs, and universities to financially embolden thousands of entrepreneurs across North America.

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