Aleece Laird, Amplify Consulting Inc., Kamloops

WeBC April 23, 2024
Aleece Laird

Having worked in communications throughout her entire career, Aleece knows the importance of using the right words at the right time to share what you are trying to convey. Often though, people jump to communicate, or share information, before they engage with people to pull or draw out information. This seemingly simple, yet effective, concept is the foundation of her company.

Aleece launched Amplify Consulting in 2017,  a boutique stakeholder engagement and communications firm in Kamloops, BC. Amplify’s services help their clients define their purpose, clarify their message, and amplify their impact. 

Aleece found WeBC’s Peer Growth Mentorship Program when researching ways to network with other entrepreneurs. She was drawn to the idea of learning from women who had more experience and being able to give back to those who were just starting out.

Throughout the program, Aleece found herself among a diverse group of women from various industries and experience levels. Despite their differences, they all shared similar business challenges. Aleece appreciated the transparency and openness of her peers, who shared both their experiences and advice during the sessions.

Aleece found the program to be valuable, providing her with practical insights, supportive peers, and a newfound sense of camaraderie during her entrepreneurial journey.     

Client Q&A

Q: Tell us about Amplify and the services you offer.

A: We do stakeholder engagement and implement strategic communications, public relations, and crisis communications for our clients. Everything that helps our clients to clarify their message to amplify their impact on their audiences.

Our focus is on helping create and build the reputation of our clients; I always talk about communications as being a push or a share of information and engagement as more of that pull or that drawing out information from stakeholders. Understanding your perception as an organization first before you start communicating helps organizations be more effective when sharing information.

Amplify team (left to right bottom) Valeria Molina, Amy Cline, Priyanka Ketkar (left to bottom top) Aleece Laird and Kimberlee Baggio

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Q: Does Amplify engage with your community?

A: Yes! One of the consistent things we do as a company is Amplifriday (Amplify Friday). Each Friday, we amplify a remarkable person making an impact in their community on our Amplifriday website and social media channels and then donate $100 to a non-profit charity of their choice to further amplify their impact. So far, we have donated well over $10K to charities.

We started this in 2018 as a way to give back to the community, and the recognition that charities also get through this has been significant. It’s been a real blessing to give back to the community in that way.

Q: What made you want to join the WeBC Peer Growth Mentorship Program?

A: The program was of interest to me for two reasons. I knew there would be women who had more experience than me and I wanted to learn from women who had navigated similar challenges.

It was also an opportunity to give back to women who were just starting their businesses. I wanted to be able to pay it forward. I like to learn from others, but I also think it’s important to give back, too.  

Q: Can you share any specific insights you gained from the program?

A: What came to light is that we all have the same challenges and that was refreshing to me. I got to be on calls with women who were very transparent about what they were going through. Sometimes as an entrepreneur, you feel like you have a challenge and you think it’s unique to you, but the program helped me realize some of these challenges are universal. There was a sense of comfort in that.

I think many entrepreneurs set the bar high for themselves and hold themselves to a very tough standard. It reminded me that I can strive for excellence, but I need to also try to be gentler on myself and give myself a little grace.

Crisis Communications Speech

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