Downloadable resources for the Creating Your Business Plan Workbook

These files will help you to work through the Creating Your Business Plan Workbook. You can download each separately, or download a .zip file containing all three documents.

  • Business Plan Workbook – This word document provides spaces to answer the questions you will encounter in the Creating Your Business Plan Workbook. The file follows the same sequence as the workbook, and each exercise includes page numbers so you can easily refer to the guide for more information. We have included notes indicating where to transfer the completed information into the Business Plan Template. Download the Business Plan Workbook
  • Cash Flow Template – Use this pre-made excel spreadsheet to work through pp. 117-122 of the Creating Your Business Plan Workbook. The file contains pre-calculated cells to automatically sum totals and can be included in your final business plan. Download the Cash Flow Template
  • Business Plan Template – Transfer your responses from each step of the business plan writing process into this template. Congratulations – you have now created your business plan! Download the Business Plan Template

If you’d like assistance as you work on your business plan, please send us a note or call 1.800.643.7014 ext. 112.