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Overcome Your Resistance and Embrace Virtual Networking


Love it or hate it, virtual networking is here to stay. If you’re a business owner, networking is critical to growing your business; in fact, 73% of women entrepreneurs we surveyed say access to new networks is essential to their success.

Virtual networking can be an effective way to save time and reach new markets. So how do you ensure you make valuable connections without feeling like a salesperson?

Join us for a WeCafé with networking expert and life coach Sue Maitland PCC who will share the secrets to successful virtual networking. She’ll share how to:

  • Reframe your limiting beliefs about networking
  • Learn the basics of virtual networking
  • Approach networking with a plan
  • Hold meaningful conversations that find mutual benefits and go beyond small talk
  • Follow up in a way that adds value

Facilitator: Danielle Andrews, Outreach Officer

Panelist: Sue Maitland, ICF Accredited Life Coach and Networking Expert