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SBIS Part 1 Recording


“This is a recording of the Starting a Business Information Session Part 1.
To receive all the resources included in this session, please register yourself here: https://we-bc.ca/sbis/

SBIS Part 1: How to Write a Business Plan
You have a business idea—congratulations! Now it’s time to get it down on paper.

A business plan can help you test your ideas, make decisions, minimize your risk, get funding and so much more.

In SBIS Part 1, we use the document “How to Write an Effective Business Plan” to break down business planning into 10 steps.

You will learn about:

  • How to structure your business plan and where you can go for industry-specific samples
  • What to include in each section and how to think through them
  • How each part of your business plan works together to create a roadmap for your business.

Facilitator: Danielle Andrew | Outreach Officer

We hope you enjoy the recorded version of this session.”