Virtual Event in Honour of International Women’s Day | A Community of Opportunity: Amplify Diverse Voices of Women in Business


This year’s theme is #InspireInclusion, which encourages us to consider how we each contribute to an inclusive world in all aspects of our lives and businesses.

If you make a purchase, you have power; if you have a voice, you have a platform; if you have a community, you have an opportunity to foster a sense of belonging.

On February 28, 2024, we hosted four inspiring women who shared their own journeys and how they’re helping to build communities that amplify and empower diverse women entrepreneurs:

  • Kelsey Pringle, Owner of 5 Star Media Group and Co-Founder of UPLIFT Women’s Business Summit
  • Alissa Assu, Owner of RavenSong Soap and Candle, Bear Essential Oils and West Coast Wildflowers
  • Ashley Ramsay, Founder & CEO of The Wonderer & The 5TH Series; Board Director at Accelerate Okanagan; Investor at Women’s Equity Lab; and Past Mentor for WeBC
  • Laurence Rich, Owner of FleuRich Creations

Facilitator: Shauna Harper, CEO of WeBC