Growing Your Business

Focused Marketing Workbook: Targeted Effort, Tangible Results


Learn how to write a marketing plan for your business!

Effectively marketing your business is a skill all entrepreneurs need. Focused marketing means concentrating on your best potential customers and delivering a clear, consistent and appealing message.

If you’ve asked yourself these questions before, then this workbook is for you:

  • Am I getting results from my marketing?
  • Is my marketing getting me the return on my investment?
  • Is my marketing efficient and targeted to get the best results possible?

This guide covers marketing basics, then walks you through the process of writing a marketing plan by working through seven steps:

  • Step 1: Personal foundations – Understand your business priorities
  • Step 2: Segment your customers – Identify your types of customers
  • Step 3: Target your best customers – Establish your best customers
  • Step 4: Understand how & why they buy – Determine why customers buy from you
  • Step 5: Create the message – Make your business attractive to your customers
  • Step 6: Choose your marketing tools – Select the most impactful platforms for your message
  • Step 7: Map your marketing – Create your marketing action plan

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