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Strategic Marketing: Free On-Demand Course


WeBC is delighted to present this self-paced course to help you create a cohesive strategy that allows you to make better marketing decisions that maximize your time and budget.

Strategic Marketing” is part of our SMART Program series, so you you can work through the content on your own schedule on our On-Demand Learning Platform. The course is designed to help you understand key concepts, work through interactive case studies and complete activities that apply the learning to your own business.

About the Course

Should I advertise here, or there? Why aren’t my followers turning into customers? Do I really need to be on TikTok? These are common questions WeBC Business Advisors hear all the time.

When a business owner is asked about their marketing strategy, many think about their website, social media or advertising.  All those things are a part of marketing, but they are not strategy. They are tactics. Tactics are only as effective as the strategy behind them— the WHY of marketing.

WeBC’s “Strategic Marketing: Build a Marketing Plan for Your Small Business” is a self-paced module to help you organize your ideas into a marketing playbook for your business.

This interactive on-demand learning works through the six keys and seven steps of effective marketing so you can create a cohesive strategy that helps you make better marketing decisions that maximize your time and budget.

This self-paced module is offered in three parts:

This course will be available in English and French.

Thanks to funding from the Government of Canada’s Women Entrepreneurship Strategy, this program is currently free!

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