SMART Program | Strategic Marketing: Build a Marketing Plan for Your Small Business

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Learn strategic marketing skills for small businesses!

WeBC is delighted to present this self-paced course to teach you how to create a cohesive strategy that helps you make better marketing decisions that maximize your time and budget.


Part of the WeBC SMART Programs

“Strategic Marketing” is one of our most popular training series, and now it’s available On-Demand! Part of our SMART Program series, these courses are designed to help you understand key concepts, work through interactive case studies and complete activities that apply the learning to your own business.


About the Strategic Marketing Course

Should I advertise here, or there? Why aren’t my followers turning into customers? Do I really need to be on TikTok? These are common questions WeBC Business Advisors hear all the time.

When a business owner is asked about their marketing strategy, many think about their website, social media or advertising.  All those things are a part of marketing, but they are not strategy. They are tactics. Tactics are only as effective as the strategy behind them— the WHY of marketing.

WeBC’s “Strategic Marketing: Build a Marketing Plan for Your Small Business” is a self-paced module to help you organize your ideas into a marketing playbook for your business.

This interactive on-demand learning works through the six keys and seven steps of effective marketing so you can create a cohesive strategy that helps you make better marketing decisions that maximize your time and budget.

This self-paced module is offered in three parts:

All chapters are available on-demand, and include the downloadable Focused Marketing workbook ($15 value) to work through each step.

By the end of this module, you will have the skills and resources to create a strategic marketing plan for your business. Plus, you can connect with a Business Advisor for complimentary support to expand your Marketing strategy.


What’s Included


Chapters Included in the Strategic Marketing Course

Chapter 1 | Strategic Marketing: Work Smarter, Not Harder

When you have limited resources, you want your time and money to make the biggest marketing impact.  In this chapter, we will introduce you to the six keys of “common-sense” marketing. You’ll discover how to apply tried and true maxims to your work, so you can spend less time on marketing tasks and focus on what really works for your business.

This Chapter will help you to:

  • Take stock of the time and money you’ve spent on marketing in the past, and what you can reasonably invest in the future
  • Understand the 6 keys that help you zero in on a more strategic approach to marketing

Chapter 2 | Research: Understand Your Most Valuable Customers

When you know who your customers are, where they are, and what they care about, your marketing decisions get significantly easier. Understanding your target market allows you to focus on the most valuable segments that convert to sales, so you’re not just casting a wide net to see who will buy from you. In this chapter, we cover the first four steps of strategic marketing to help you identify and understand your best potential customers.

This chapter includes interactive activities to encourage you to get curious about your clients and do some research:

  • Step 1: Personal Foundations – Remember your ‘why’
  • Step 2: Segment Your Customers – How to sort your clients into manageable groups
  • Step 3: Target Your Customers – Determine which segments have the most potential to buy
  • Step 4: Understand How & Why They Buy – Be clear about their motivations and behaviours

Chapter 3 | Strategy: Deliver the Right Message in the Right Place

Now that you understand who you’re talking to, this chapter helps you to deliver a clear, consistent and appealing message. Your message is more than what you say, it includes the types of products or services you offer and how you deliver them, your pricing, what customers can expect from you, and more!

In this chapter, you’ll use the accompanying workbook to complete the last three steps of strategic marketing:

  • Step 5: Create the Message – Explore all the ways you send a message
  • Step 6: Choose the Marketing Tools – Find the best places to connect with your customers consistently
  • Step 7: Map Your Marketing – Put all this knowledge into a cohesive plan

Who is this for?

This introductory-level series is open to anyone who would like to learn how to target their marketing efforts, drive tangible results, successfully connect with their optimum customer and feel more confident about building their marketing strategy.

Thanks to the Government of Canada’s Women Entrepreneurship Strategy, this course is currently free!

French version will be released in 2024


This program is funded by the Government of Canada’s Women Entrepreneurship Strategy.

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

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