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Leadership Communication for Women Business Owners

Taking the Stage® is a powerful program to help women achieve a confident leadership presence.

Learn to communicate with confidence

Delivered globally to over 500,000 women by the Humphrey Group, Taking the Stage® can support your growth as a strong, confident leader by teaching you to speak with strength on any ‘stage’– from sales calls to social posts, from inspiring your team to pitching your business.

Program features include:

  • Four, 2-hour group sessions led by a facilitator in your community
  • Groups of 6 to 10 women
  • Four video based learning modules
  • Rich group discussions
  • Strong networking opportunities
  • Personal feedback and coaching

This program was originally created to advance women leaders in Fortune 500 companies! We’re pleased to provide this opportunity for current and aspiring women business owners and non-profit leaders at a significantly reduced cost of $150, thanks to generous support from The Humphrey Group. Full bursaries are available.

Session topics

Embrace Your Leadership Identity

Focuses on achieving a leadership presence. You will learn to adopt a new, braver mindset: one that enables women to stand out and be heard.

Create a Leader’s Script

Explains how to create a clear message – whether giving a presentation at a trade show or making a phone call. You will learn how to avoid apologetic and self-deprecating expressions and to communicate using strong words of a leader.

Achieve a Leader’s Presence

Shows you how to achieve a strong, leadership presence through eye contact, pace, body language and voice.

Adopt the Voice of a Leader

Demonstrates how to develop the strong, confident voice of a leader. You will discover how to get your points across without sounding defensive or tentative.

Upcoming Groups

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This program is made possible thanks to The Humphrey Group and a network of volunteer facilitators.

Taking the Stage® is a registered trademark of The Humphrey Group Inc., used under license by WeBC.

Taking the Stage® not only helps you improve your presentation skills but builds your body language and verbal repertoire so that you present yourself in a strong, confident manner. It also helps you be direct in what you want to say and achieve.

I’m using the things that I learned every day, and practicing my new skills at every opportunity. There’s no stopping me now!

Taking the Stage® was crucial for my personal development as a woman leader. It offered a safe space to recognize challenges that arise as a woman in business and gave a support group to bounce ideas off of on how to address these issues.

I wish every woman entering into a leadership position could take this course. It helped me to see myself as a true leader and to value and leverage my soft skills. The new tools I’ve collected are immediately applicable to my daily life—at work and at home. I’ve learned how to be clear and direct, to focus on what my audience needs for me whether it’s a prospective client, an employee, or my 6 year old! I’ve learned that my voice is a powerful tool that can work for or against my goals depending on how I use it. Mostly, I learned that I get to define the type of leader I want to be. And that, in itself, is very inspiring. Thank you WeBC for this incredible opportunity!