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Whether you need answers to questions or guidance on direction, our business advisors are here to support you.



One-on-one support on your business journey

Our professional Business Advisors (BAs) have experience and training across a broad range of business areas, and many are entrepreneurs themselves! We understand every path is different, so we meet you where you are and help you navigate next steps.

You may need a Business Advisor if…

  • You have a specific business question
  • You’re struggling with a certain aspect of your business
  • You need help completing a plan—business, growth, financial or marketing
  • You just need someone who can point you in the right direction for information or other resources

How we support you

Practical business advice

We can provide support on a variety of topics such as marketing, business planning, strategic planning, accessing capital, managing cash flow, international trade and more.

Expertise & referrals

We have nearly three decades of experience supporting women entrepreneurs in BC, and an extensive network of partners who can answer the questions that we can’t.

Like your silent business partner

We get to know our clients, so we keep an eye out for opportunities like trade missions, programs and promo opportunities and bring them to you.

Free and available all over BC

With the exception of our Business Plan Review Service, our advisory services are absolutely free!

Support on your schedule

You’re busy, we get it! No commitment required, just reach out if you have a question.

Resources for your most-asked questions

Find resources by your business stage or browse our FAQs.


Or email us or call 1.800.643.7014 ext. 112

I wouldn’t have gotten where I am today without my trusted advisors. There has been a lot of learning in ramping up this company and it was critically important to build my small, tight group of industry expert advisors. I am incredibly thankful for this because being a solo entrepreneur in a category where most of our competitors are global brands, I now have the support I need to play out this long game.

I cannot recommend my Business Advisor enough to new folks looking for some support. Dawn was kind, clear and such an advocate for the work she is doing. You can tell how passionate she is about helping other women!

One major thing was looking over and guiding me with the cashflow statement and projections. WeBC is very thorough and because of that I have learned SO much. I’m able to maintain my accounting very well now. Business advising, just the fact that they are available, that I can call with a super random question that someone will be there to listen, help me think aloud or have an idea. Superb.

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