Business Mentoring and Peer Groups for Women Entrepreneurs

Our mentoring and peer groups connect you with other entrepreneurs and experts who will support and inspire you.




One-to-One and Peer support systems that keep you on track

Share knowledge, experience and connection with other women business owners who get the grind and lift each other up.

Our programs pair you with a mentor or group that fits your needs so you can build a strong support system. You’ll gain fresh perspectives and feel confident in your decision making as you grow your business.

Prior to participating in our mentoring program, only 39% of our mentees express confidence in their business skills. Following the program, this number has improved to 95% of mentees feeling confident.

By participating in our mentoring program, entrepreneurs can increase confidence and gain the knowledge required to scale more successful businesses.

This program is part of our C3 Project, which is funded by the Government of Canada’s Women Entrepreneurship Strategy.

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Our business mentorship programs

One-to-One Mentoring

Tell us where you want to go on your business journey and we’ll match you with an entrepreneur with the right experience.


Apply Now! Growth Peer Mentoring Groups

Don’t go it alone on your business growth journey—receive support from other women entrepreneurs across Canada. Intake on now!


Discovery Foundation’s Digital Strategic Leadership Program

Learn how to implement technology to improve your business performance as you build and grow your tech-focused or tech-enabled business.


Become a Mentor

Share your knowledge. We are looking for experienced business owners from all BC communities who are interested in volunteering as a Mentor.


The mentoring program is an incredible experience that allowed me to regain focus on my business to bring it to a greater profit. This was priceless.

What I appreciated most about the WeBC Peer Mentoring Group was the authentic way our facilitator showed up with a positive and structured processes to follow. Not only did we share our business challenges & opportunities, but we addressed our personal concerns and anxieties in the COVID-19 landscape we found ourselves in. We’ve already helped bring our varied services and products into new markets ideas and will stay in touch. I am grateful for the quality of woman that attended and the leadership that was given.

My mentor was very open and honest and shared a lot of her own experiences and how she dealt with challenges. It was really comforting to know that I was not alone in my experiences.

My mentor helped me to manage my time much more effectively thanks to our meetings. I felt like I was given permission to set better boundaries and I learned how to protect my time and my resources. The experience helped me to place a clearer value on what I bring to my business.

The WeBC Mentorship program allowed me to build an amazing relationship with another bad a** boss lady, who helped me reach my business goals in a timely and supported manner! It was such a wonderful experience, one that left me wanting to continue to push forward in hopes of one day also being an awesome woman business mentor.

Proud of our mentoring impact:


matches in our mentoring program since 2007


of mentees would recommend the program to another woman


experienced entrepreneurs in our mentor network all over BC