Madi Chilcott, Multi Brand Sampling Co., Surrey

WeBC July 4, 2024

When COVID-19 restrictions prevented Rhoda Chilcott from sampling the products of her brand ‘Lula Natural Foods’ in-store, she saw it as an opportunity to get creative in regards to demoing her products. She adapted by working with a couple of natural food store managers (such as Pomme Natural and Nature’s Fare Market) in order to organize passive sampling demos in grocery stores featuring a few different brands (of friends she made in the industry) alongside Lula. These demos allowed customers to take samples home with them, which got the products directly into the hands of consumers—a crucial step in winning their trust and loyalty. Rhoda’s daughter, Madi Chilcott, saw the potential in this new approach, which marked the beginning of Multi Brand Sampling Co.

Multi Brand Sampling Co. specializes in organizing collaborative sampling initiatives, where multiple brands are featured on the demo table in grocery stores and other venues. Their innovative approach allows brands to reach a wider audience and maximize exposure by doing more demos.

Madi first learned about WeBC while looking for financial backing to grow her business. As a young entrepreneur navigating business ownership, she was drawn to WeBC’s commitment to empowering start-ups and women-owned businesses. She was also interested in the opportunity to receive guidance from their experienced mentors and to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Madi decided to take the next step and applied to WeBC’s Business Loan program. Her goal was to use the financial support to invest in essentials that would facilitate smoother operations and build capacity, from supplies for demo kits to administrative necessities.

Thanks to funding from WeBC, Madi was able to purchase additional equipment, which was crucial in enhancing her business growth and positioning her for success.

WeBC’s continuous support proved instrumental beyond the financial aid, and Madi says the community aspect of the program has been crucial for her business growth, fostering new connections, resources, and collaboration with fellow entrepreneurs.

Client Q&A

Q: What made you want to start a business?

Growing up, my mom had her own company as a food producer. So, from a young age, I was a brand ambassador and helped her with farmers markets, demos and trade shows.

During the pandemic, I became a TikTok influencer making vegan cake decorating videos. I started doing it because it was a niche that I didn’t see anybody tapping into. I grew my account and started doing brand deals.

At the same time, my mom was looking for innovative ways to promote her brand because smaller, local brands rely heavily on sampling for sales, feedback and much more. She started organizing passive sampling demos featuring a few other brands alongside her own, in the style of take-home sample bags to comply with COVID restrictions.

She was having fun with it, but also the brands she included in this pilot project were seeing a change in their sales. I thought it was a great idea and we ran with it from there.

Q: How is Multi Brand Sampling Co. different from other sampling companies?

When we first started, it was a regular sampling company, doing grocery store demos. But we realized we needed to do more to get our clients’ products into the consumers’ hands. So now, we do pop-up events, sampling in fitness studios, trade shows, and more. It’s a positive experience for the stores, the clients, and the customers because they can sample a few brands in one spot and they feel comfortable visiting our tables as we make the experience welcoming and fun.

We also have over 35 brand ambassadors who conduct the demos in Vancouver, Kelowna, the Okanagan, and Vancouver Island. It’s a great side gig because the ambassadors can use our company app to sign up for as many demos as they want. We have students, single mothers, and people looking for extra income doing sampling events with our partners.

Q: How did your WeBC loan impact your business?

We used the funding for so many things. We started with our demo kits because we didn’t have enough supplies. So we bought anything sampling-related you can think of air fryers, skillets, rice cookers, blenders, tables, sample cups, and backup supplies in case anything breaks. We also used the loan to buy shelves and other equipment to help us organize all the demo supplies. It’s been a huge help having extra supplies as we expand the business.

Q: What has your experience been like working with WeBC?

It’s been amazing. We love that WeBC is a women-run organization and it aligned with what we needed. Their advisors have been a constant support and they’ve made me feel like I’m not alone. They’re very responsive and somebody is always there to help.

The best part is you get a mentor when you apply to the loan program, and I’m looking forward to starting with a mentor. In the meantime, I’ve been using WeBC’s free resources and online courses. It’s been a really positive experience.

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