Monica Tsai, CloudMind Software, Burnaby

WeBC February 13, 2024
Monica Tsai

Monica Tsai began her professional journey in the tech industry where she worked in HR for 17 years. Drawn to the fast pace of the tech industry and ready for some flexibility, Monica decided to become a consultant while she pursued further education. She obtained a master’s in leadership and is currently working toward a doctoral degree in social science. 

Interested in combining her passions for technology, social sciences and product development, Monica decided to start her own software company. She and her business partners started brainstorming the concept of a digital companion for the elderly, leading to the official launch of CloudMind Software in May 2022.

CloudMind addresses the issue of loneliness with the elderly. It’s designed to assist individuals during moments of confusion or distress, particularly those dealing with memory loss, dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease. It will also provide a friendly presence for those navigating the challenges of caregiving. Monica is currently gearing up for fundraising that will help her assemble a team to continue development as the project moves through the proof-of-concept phase.

Motivated by her love for continuous learning and the need for a roadmap to becoming an entrepreneur, Monica discovered WeBC online. The Discovery Foundation’s Strategic Mindset Program stood out to Monica as it offered both a place to learn and to receive feedback from fellow business owners.

Monica highlighted the program’s focus on open dialogue, vulnerability, and mentorship within an inspiring network of women. Stressing the importance of diverse perspectives, the program also supported Monica’s personal and professional development. Her key takeaways were the importance of connections and the impact of ongoing support. 

In the coming year, Monica is focusing her efforts on expanding her network, particularly within the elderly care community as they gear up for the product launch. Monica acknowledges the support she received from WeBC, the instructor, and the women in her cohort, offering many ideas and perspectives that will support her business success.

Client Q&A

Q: What were you doing before starting CloudMind Software?

A: I graduated with a psychology degree, and I didn’t know what I wanted to do. People who knew me suggested I try HR because I loved building relationships, so I earned a certificate from BCIT and was lucky enough to start my career at an engineering consulting company. 

From there, I wanted to work in HR at a gaming company because I’m a gamer myself. I had the opportunity to work for Disney Interactive Studio, which started my journey in the tech industry. I enjoyed the environment, the flexibility and how quickly things move. As I gained more experience working with a number of tech companies,  I had the idea to start my own consulting company, providing HR and recruitment support for companies while having the flexibility of finishing my doctoral degree. 

Q: How did you get the idea for CloudMind Software?

A: My business partner had personal experience witnessing people close to him take care of people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. When he shared the story with me, we thought about the people who are experiencing memory loss, and how it may benefit them from having a companion around them. 

We talked to a lot of people casually about the idea, and it really resonated with them. It further validated this idea for us. 

The product is designed to provide companionship for elderly people. However, it can also be a companion to their caregivers who may feel lonely while taking care of them. Caregiving can be a challenging task that requires patience, and one may have to repeat the same story multiple times to an individual who may not recall it.

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Q: What was your experience like taking the Discovery Foundation’s Mentoring program? 

A: A key learning I took away from the program was being able to not just listen to other people’s challenges but to provide my unique perspective. 

Even if I’m not at the center stage in terms of sharing, just listening and providing my perspective on other people’s challenges gave me even more insights into how I should be thinking about things and other perspectives that I can consider.

The wealth of information that came out of the conversations, the amount of connections, and the openness that people were willing to share, were just phenomenal.

Q: What advice would you give to someone starting their own business?

A: I would say be clear on why you’re doing this and constantly remind yourself about your why. It sounds cliche, but remembering that has gotten me through days where I wonder what I’m doing.

There are days when I think ‘this is not fun,’ but I go back to my values and remember why it’s important for me. I think the business wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t a clear why to motivate me.

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