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Ask Me Anything: Government Bidding Explained for Businesses in the Service Industry


Are you a small business owner in the service industry interested in bidding and want to know more about how to present to Government?

The Government of Canada is one of the largest purchasers of services in Canada. Their needs are often diverse and may surprise you. Even if you have a small business, they may be looking for the service you offer!

We hosted Carolyn Arthur, Alexander Emesh and Carter Bobbie from Procurement Assistance Canada for an interactive Q&A where they explained government buying programs and answered the questions:

  • How the government bidding process works
  • How to find opportunities and practice bidding
  • Types of opportunities available

Facilitator: Danielle Andrews, Outreach Officer, WeBC


  • Carolyn Arthur, Supply Team Leader, Procurement Assistance Canada / Pacific Region
  • Alexander Emesh, Policy Analyst, Procurement Assistance Canada / Pacific Region
  • Carter Bobbie, Junior Analyst, Procurement Assistance Canada / Pacific Region