Growing Your Business

Growing Your Business Guide


This guide is intended to help BC business owners make decisions about business growth that are right for them. It provides an overview of important factors to think about and lists available resources for doing more research and getting advice.

You’ll work through a five-step process you can use to make decisions about growing your business based on the needs of both your business and yourself.

Step 1: Why do you want to grow your business?

Step 2: If you want to grow your business and know why, how do you want to achieve this?

Step 3: Once you decide how you want to grow your business, you must determine what the business needs to grow in that way.

Step 4: If, after completing the first three steps, you believe this is something you are prepared to do, you must think about what you need to do or learn to do in order to make it happen.

Step 5: No matter what decisions you make during the first four steps, you should think about what the next steps will be for you and your business.