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Small Changes, Big Impact: Creating an Accessible Website for All webinar recording


Did you know that persons with disabilities are the third largest economic power in the world, after the US and China? Accessing the internet every day, 70% will leave a website instantly if it is inaccessible.

This means you could be losing potential business as a result of something as simple as website design. Besides the fact that eighty percent of persons with disabilities rate accessibility above price when choosing where to purchase, creating a more accessible website helps to create a more equitable world.

So hosted Kale Gosen, Co-Founder of Humanize Consulting, for a session to share website improvements that might not even be on your competitors’ radar.

In this webinar, Kale covers:

  • How people with various disabilities access the internet;
  • The types of barriers they face, and how you can minimize them; and
  • Tips and advice about tweaking your website design to achieve a more accessible site.

If you want to expand your reach and connect with new clients, then this is a must!

Facilitator: Kerrilee Auger, Director, Programs & Partnerships, Women’s Enterprise Centre
Panelist: Kale Gosen, Co-Founder and Equity & Inclusion Consultant, Humanize Consulting

From August 19, 2021