Supplier Diversity in Canada


Report by the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion, 2016

This report combines findings from a literature review of research on supplier diversity with the results of a national survey (N = 294) of professionals in procurement, supply chain management, corporate social responsibility, and diversity and inclusion in both the public and private sector.

It was found that organizations which are larger are in the private sector, and those that are headquartered or have strong operations in the US, were more likely to be engaged in supplier diversity initiatives. While organizations with established diversity and/or corporate social responsibility policies were more likely to engage in supplier diversity initiatives, many organizations with such policies did not participate in supplier diversity programs. The report also identified a gap in government support and incentives for supplier diversity in Canada when compared against the leadership shown in the US.

Research on the business case for supplier diversity is also summarized with key benefits including increased competition leading to innovation in products and services; expanded supplier pools; reduced supply chain risk; increased access to diverse markets; and building economic capacity and prosperity in the community.