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WeBC November 30, 2023

From November 27 to December 3, the province celebrates BC Buy Local Week!

This week highlights the contributions of small businesses around BC, and it’s also Week 2 of #WeGrowTogether: Holiday Edition where we’re featuring women-owned businesses all month.

This week we explore unique products from remarkable women-owned businesses across BC.

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AZARAN, The Raw Moroccan Inc.

Location: North Vancouver. Shop online.

Meet AZARAN, founded by Neimat Khatib. Passionate about Moroccan culture, Neimat brings you top-notch skincare, haircare, and home products sourced directly from Moroccan artisans. AZARAN stands out for its ethical production, consolidating products in Vancouver to reduce environmental impact.

Neimat is committed to preserving, progressing, and celebrating diverse crafts and rituals from around the country—all while creating sustainable change.

Learn more & connect with AZARAN

Website – azaran.ca

Instagram – @azaranofficiel

Caitlyn Chapman Studio

Location: Victoria. Shop online or visit in-person.

Introducing Caitlyn Chapman Studio, an artisanal jewelry brand. Caitlyn, the passionate artist behind the brand, crafts pieces with elegant West Coast vibes, inspired by the surf, earth, flora, and fauna of the coastal home.

Caitlyn’s journey into jewelry-making began with her grandma’s diamond ring, inspiring her to establish a small studio, crafting unique pieces that capture the essence of the West Coast.

Learn more & connect with Caitlyn Chapman Studio

Website – caitlynchapman.com

Instagram – @caitlynchapmanstudio

Om Organics Inc.

Location: Invermere. Shop in-person or online.

Discover Om Organics Inc. by Kari Asselin, offering pure, plant-based skincare solutions. Kari’s passion for natural skincare led her to create effective, organic products in her kitchen, first gaining popularity at farmers’ markets.

Om Organics has grown to global recognition for its small-batch products. The brand envisions sustainable growth with a new production facility in Invermere.

Learn more & connect with Om Organics Inc.

Website – omskin.com

Instagram – @om.organics.skincare

Nest Essentials Inc.

Location: Surrey. Also, shop online.

Nest Essentials knows that bedding significantly influences sleep and health. With a focus on premium, natural, and breathable materials like cotton, linen, and bamboo, the brand strives to elevate your sleeping experience.

Founded by CEO Isha Sabharwal, Nest Essentials collaborates with over 15 local brands to provide Canadian-made mattresses and solid wood beds, in addition to their bedding. Rooted in Isha’s design expertise, the brand fills a market gap by seamlessly blending quality, style, and affordability in top-notch home essentials.

Learn more & connect with Nest Essentials Inc.

Website – nestessentials.ca

Instagram – @nestessentials_


Location: Available to shop in-store across Vancouver or online.

Introducing Lauren Sudeyko, the founder behind SERAY. Inspired by a personal journey after a severe concussion, Lauren believes in the impact sleepwear choices can have on mental health. Frustrated by the lack of sustainable options in the market, she embarked on a mission to create her own sleepwear line prioritizing women’s well-being.

SERAY’s signature sleep sets offer unparalleled cooling and comfort. The brand also prioritizes diverse sizing, offering sizes XXS – 2X with mix-and-match options for the perfect personalized morning experience, setting a positive tone for the day ahead.

Learn more & connect with SERAY

Website – seray-shop.com

Studio 501 Handmade

Location: Kimberley. Also, shop online.

Meet Saskia Dykstra, the founder of Studio 501 Handmade. Driven by a passion for nature and crafting meaningful gifts, Saskia creates a line of products, including candles, flower press kits, and floral-focused items.

With a background as a florist, she infuses her products with quality floral elements, providing a touch of nature’s beauty for your home. Saskia feels a strong connection to the Kootenays and is thrilled to contribute to the local community.

Learn more & connect with Studio 501 Handmade

Website – studio501handmade.com

Instagram – @studio501handmade

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