Archana Samtani Singhania

Business Advisor, Burnaby

With 10+ years of experience in business development & growth in food production, retail and real estate, Archana is no stranger to hard work. An immigrant to Canada, Archana is a dedicated strategist who has driven entry and growth into new markets worldwide and has worked with culturally diverse customers & different target market profiles.

As a FITT-certified Business Advisor for WeBC, Archana she can help women with their import/export queries as well. She shares her real-world experience with women Entrepreneurs helping them to navigate all phases of organizational growth. She is passionate about harbouring open, creative and inclusive work culture and is an advocate of creative expression and intellectual rigor. A dedicated learner, she is resilient and driven – “Put me in any new situation – I will figure out all aspects of the how, why and what.”

WeBC Business Advisor Archana Samtani Singhania