Deirdre Huestis

Director, WeBC Board

Deirdre Huestis, JD, is a lawyer practicing at Terra Law Corporation, where she advises clients on a broad range of commercial real estate law matters, including the acquisition, disposition, leasing, and development of real property. In addition to commercial real estate, Deirdre has experience in corporate and commercial law, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganizations, and working with start-ups and entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground and running.

Having been raised by a female business owner and growing her own career in a male-dominated industry, Deirdre recognizes the importance of organizations like WeBC, and is passionate about supporting and working with female entrepreneurs and female-led businesses to help achieve their goals.

At her previous employer, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (“BLG”), Deirdre served as the BLG point of contact for Vancouver’s Female Funders Chapter and led BLG’s involvement in a Female Funders investment event back in 2020. During the Pandemic, she partnered with WeBC to deliver a presentation on the application of force majeure clauses during COVID-19 to an audience of 73 attendees. Deirdre has a background in art history and political science, and in her spare time, enjoys skiing, cycling, and hiking, and is currently working on writing a fantasy novel series.

Deirdre Huestis, WeBC Board Member