Fern Sabo

Regional Ambassador, West Kootenays

Embarking on a dynamic career path at the age of 19, Fern Sabo now has over 28 years of experience as an accomplished marketing professional and business management expert. With an educational background in business administration and web technology, she has honed her skills and knowledge to excel in the entrepreneurial world. Her drive to adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape led her to establish Spring Creative Inc. in 2018, providing invaluable support to local businesses and organizations.

Spring Creative is a marketing consultancy with clients across western Canada, specializing in marketing, branding, design, and technical support. Spring Creative serves a variety of clients, but Fern initially focused on working with local businesses. She takes pride in the agency’s collaboration within her community, particularly those making positive contributions.

Fern’s experience with WeBC began a decade ago when she sought resources for her technology-based consultancy. This was the beginning of her special connection with WeBC. For her, WeBC wasn’t just a place for resources; it became a vital support system guiding Fern through the challenges of starting and running her business. Due to her strong ties to her community and her seasoned professional career, WeBC extended an invitation for Fern to serve as a Regional Ambassador in 2023. As she takes on her new role, she is eager to share her experiences and support other women on their entrepreneurial journeys.