4 Compelling Reasons Blogging is BEST for Business

Ashley Doan April 8, 2020
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How are you marketing your business right now? Even a global pandemic shouldn’t stop you from working on your business. Right now is the PERFECT time to ramp up your content marketing and blogging.

All those other businesses that relied on “traditional” marketing (flyers, newspapers, ads…etc) will fall behind right now with everyone practicing social distancing. I mean just think about what everyone doing while they’re self-isolating at home. They’re on social media. They’re taking online courses. Many are taking this opportunity to educate themselves and look for local and small businesses they can support.

Today, I’m going to talk specifically about using blogging to build your “know, like, and trust factor.” Once they know you exist, like you, and eventually trust you they will buy from you. Right now is the perfect time to work on getting people to know and like you!

So, here are 4 reasons blogging is best for your business:

1. Showcase your expertise

You are an expert in what you do, but you need to let the world know because if the world doesn’t know that you are a good essential oils rep, that you are an amazing travel agent, or that you’re a good Life Coach, why would they buy from you? The world is already filled with essential oil reps, travel agents, and life coaches. What will set YOU apart?

Showing your expertise through writing articles about your niche is one way to stand out and show people that you really know your stuff.

2. It’s fun!

Blogging is way more fun than putting out a Facebook ad. It’s way easier than figuring out Google ads. And it’s a little more engaging than just putting a flyer up in Starbucks and hoping that someone reads and responds to it.

When you’re blogging, you have the amazing opportunity to tell a story and storytelling in marketing is a HUGE trend that’s here to stay. It’s a way to share more about you as a person and teach others about your business.  

And, unlike posting a brochure or a flyer, blog articles can be a little more relaxed and conversational. No one wants to read an 800-word blog post that sounds like it was pulled word-for-word from somebody’s brochure. That’s a big no-no! Don’t fill your articles with marketing- or sales-speak. Focus on having fun with it, making it a more conversational way.

3. Blogging can go viral. A flyer will NOT.

The third reason why blogging is best for your business is that blogs are very easy to share, and have the potential to go viral (in a non-coronavirus way of course).

No one is going to go share your Google or Facebook ad. No one is going to take a copy of your flyer and Starbucks and post it in the front window of their house. People bookmark and save blog articles, not sales content.

When people read something that they like, they share it with their friends on social media. It’s a great opportunity to expand your reach to friends of friends.

4. Blogs are easy to repurpose

In your business, you want to get the biggest bang for your buck. Blogs are part of an effective Content Repurposing Strategy. Repurposing or recycling content is how you can turn 1 piece of juicy content (a blog article for example) into 5, 10, 20, or more additional pieces of content in different formats.

You probably spend a lot of time writing (or paying someone to write), posting, and promoting your blog content. Now it’s time to consider what other formats and mediums you can create from it. As learners, we all learn in different ways. Some of us want to read a blog article, while others couldn’t be bothered and would rather just listen to you a podcast, watch a video, or look at an infographic.

Think about how you can turn the content in that blog post into at least one different piece of content for each time of learner (auditory, visual, the readers…etc). Maybe you can pull some quotes from your article and use them in a few social media posts. Does the content lend well to an infographic? Can you record a podcast or create a quick video based on the content?

Content Repurposing is the main content marketing strategy that I teach my clients to do because I believe in it that much.

I believe blogging can be as effective, if not more so, than paid ads. Just focus on writing content of value that can teach and show off your expertise, and you’ll be golden!

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