4 Tips to Amplify Your Social Media

Sandra Nomoto January 3, 2018

So you’ve started your accounts and are building your followership. You know how to use the tools, but want to take it to the next level.

Here are some more intermediate steps you can take to get closer to your ideal customer or client through social media.

#1. Use all of the tools and connect on Linkedin.

On Linkedin, you can now add volunteer experience, awards, patents, projects, background images, and certifications to your profile. I have recently been using the Publications feature to post links to guest blogs and articles, and Posts to publish blogs to Linkedin’s newsfeed, Pulse. Searching keywords and use existing connections to reach out to an ideal client or partner requires time investment, but can yield amazing results.

2. Follow Twitter lists.

Maybe you aren’t the best organizer, but others are! Hop onto your competitors’ Twitter lists to follow who they are following. Besides using the search function, this is the best way to tap into your market on Twitter and start conversations.

3. Optimize your YouTube channel.

Ensure that your titles and descriptions are filled with keywords and that you have added keyword tags to all of them. Subscribe to related channels, and you can even comment with your own videos. Google owns YouTube, so if you have a rich channel, your rankings will improve as well.

4. Promote posts on Facebook.

Monitor your Insights to see which type of posts get the most viewership, and at what time. Is it text? Photos? Video links? Shares? The Promoted Posts function can ensure that you are targeting who you would like to, when the time comes to promote something important. You can narrow your targeting to region, age, gender, interests and behaviours, for as little as $5.

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