5 Reasons Why Introverts Make Great Leaders

Jennifer Grant October 2, 2019

People often think of introverts as reserved and quiet, socially awkward, solitary and soft-spoken.

This perception would further suggest that introverts lack the confidence and social skills that great leaders, pioneers, and change-makers possess.

You may be surprised to learn that 40% of leaders and executives identify themselves as introverts.

Their success proves that leadership and networking are not monopolized by those with an outgoing, and highly-confident temperament.

Here are six qualities that introverts leverage to harness effective leadership and networking skills.

1. Introverted leaders listen first and talk later

Introverts tend to shy away from small talk because it drains their energy. Typically, they prefer to stay on the sidelines and listen first before they weigh in with their own viewpoint.

This trait allows introverts to be especially effective leaders since successful collaboration requires effective communication.

2. Introverts have special internal powers

Introverts are known to have special internal powers—like thoughtfulness, creativity and vivid imagination. They can more easily form ideas, insights, and solutions.

An introvert who sits back in a meeting may be seen as not contributing—that is until he or she works out the solution that all the other meeting participants missed.

3. Introverts don’t have to fake sincerity

Because of their lower social energy, small talk can be cumbersome for introverts, which can make networking more challenging.

Introverts use their natural sincerity to lessen their anxiety and better engage others in conversation, often making meaningful connections.

4. Introverted leaders know the value of recharging

Introverts know that engaging in too many group activities and events drains them. Introverts are good at setting aside time to get back into their contemplative zone and re-energize.

They use this time to come up with new strategies and ideas and surprise their colleagues and bosses with their surge in enthusiasm and passion at work.

5. Introverts make great networkers

At their most tedious, networking events can devolve into a room full of people frantically trying to sell themselves and listening to no one. Because introverts are comfortable with silence, they are often better able to practice attentive listening.

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