Do You Have a Fear of Success?

Jennifer Grant July 31, 2019

Fear of success was first diagnosed in the 1970s by psychologist Matina Horner. This phobia affects both men and women, and it’s very similar to a fear of failure and people who suffer from impostor syndrome.

Fear of success can be easy to miss because it looks a lot like procrastination and insecurity. Some of the things you may have plaguing your mind are:

What if I don’t actually want the spotlight on me?

You might observe and admire the success of others, but you are not comfortable with the spotlight being on you. Maybe you are worried that if you suddenly find yourself in the spotlight, it will end up disappearing.

What if attracting a larger following brings out all the critics and mean people?

The more successful and bigger you get the more people who are not part of your tribe may start to throw stones at you. Not rational but it feels real.

What if, when the time comes, I won’t deliver?

This fear is not about a lack of actual skill, it’s about feeling you will fall short of the mark. You imagine the worst-case scenario and decide it’s much safer not to put yourself out there.

Impostor Syndrome can sneak in.

Despite your indisputable track record of accomplishments, you’re afraid that you’re going to be exposed as a fraud. You think everything was just luck, or you barely managed to pull it off, and you’re afraid that you won’t do it this time and everyone will know.

I am afraid that success will turn me into something I don’t want to be.

Sometimes, fear of success comes from having certain ideas about successful people. You don’t want people to think you are nasty or snobby so you stay being a nice person even if it means forfeiting success.

If I can impart any advice it would be to work harder to be positive and confident, negative thoughts are for fear and self-doubt.

Continually remind yourself that you are part of something larger than yourself. Take time to find and maintain your authenticity. Never stop learning. Live in balance and anticipate and embrace your success. You have earned it.

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