Facebook Advertising and its Benefits for Strategic Marketing

Kim Pickett July 12, 2017

Facebook currently has 1.95 billion active users, including 1.28 billion daily users, and 1.15 billion on mobile devices. The platform represents an advertiser’s dream: highly trafficked and highly accessible, with a highly devoted user base. Gone are the days of casting your advertising net into the vast ocean of uninterested masses and pulling in your few prized targets. With Facebook Advertising, you get:

  • A custom ad
  • A highly targeted and specific audience
  • An opportunity to state the desired outcome of your campaign
  • Real-time ad performance tracking
  • Comprehensive budget breakdowns

What to Expect From Facebook Advertising

Before launching your campaign, you must first determine what you want your ad to accomplish. Facebook provides many possibilities, for whatever your business requires. Whether it’s increasing traffic to your store or social media pages, spreading awareness about events or new products, or simply getting your brand into consumers’ minds, Facebook can help you reach your goal.

Facebook offers a range of demographic options for indicating your target market, including location, age, gender, language, etc. You can also create custom audiences, based on contact information from your current customers. Using this information, Facebook’s algorithms can find you a base of potential customers with a similar makeup to your custom audience.

Tracking the Success of Your Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising offers analytic tools that break down how your ads are performing, and how your budget is being spent. Performance statistics are collected in the Ad Manager tool and compared with your marketing budget. The Facebook Pixel tracks visitors to your website, and then automatically creates a target audience of those most likely to “convert,” or take the desired action. This increases the likelihood of retaining customers and creating repeat visitors.

The Cost of Facebook Advertising

Facebook has a dynamic cost structure, giving you complete control over your budget. When organizing your campaign, you can choose either a daily spending limit or a lifetime budget. This limit can be as low as a dollar a day, so even the smallest scale operation can advertise on Facebook.

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