Got ‘Call Reluctance’? You Are Not Alone

Cathy Kuzel November 1, 2017

You’ve got a good lead but you’re not sure your call will be welcome. You’ve decided to sort your files, put on a pot of coffee or worst yet, clean the bathroom just to put off calling.

Yup! You’ve got Call Reluctance and it’s a common affliction.

Over 80% of salespeople report experiencing of call reluctance that nearly ended their careers.

So, what causes this?

1. Fear of Self-promotion.

You know you have a great product/service but you don’t want to be perceived as someone who thinks too highly of herself. Think again! It’s ok if the light of your product reflects on you. in fact, it’s essential!

2. Fear of Intruding.

Courtesy is admirable. You may want to ask if this is a good time to talk. Call later if they’re busy.

3. Dignity Crisis.

Isn’t calling others and asking them to hire your services a little beneath your dignity? It would be great if our customers come to us voluntarily, but we wouldn’t have a multi-billion dollar advertising industry if that strategy worked for everyone!

4. Question Anxiety.

We would all rather be asked than do the asking. We have to ask for the sale, booking, appointment or referral. We live in a world where successful people ask for what they’re looking for.

Overcoming call reluctance is a process. Think positive! Take one step at a time. If every call results in something where the process takes a step forward–even if it’s a baby step–that gives you the confidence to make the next call.

You can do it!

Now Go Get Connected!

About Cathy Kuzel

An award-winning Leader, Entrepreneur and Business Development Consultant, Cathy Kuzel teaches entrepreneurs how to let go of limiting beliefs and “Stand Up, Stand Out & Step Forward” to have the business success they dream of. Cathy is recognized across Canada for her expertise on “All Things Small Biz”. Named one of the Top Ten Mentors in Canada, she is also the Founder of The Connected Woman Association, Author of “Are You a Collector or a Connector?”; “When Women Talk” book series; and the internationally known “Daily Espressos – Caffeine for the Mind."

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