Hillary Schneider, Epona Rise Retreat, Heffley Creek

WeBC December 11, 2020

Hillary Schneider runs Epona Rise Retreat, an 80-acre retreat center where she provides coaching for women entrepreneurs and leaders and uses her herd of rescue horses to support her clients’ growth. She is passionate about helping others access their own wisdom and clarity of purpose by providing the space for people to connect with nature, take time for self-reflection, and get clarity on their path.

Hillary believes that horses are a powerful medium in the discovery and unveiling of our own clarity. In her own life journey, she’s felt the wisdom and power of horses and felt compelled to create a space for others to experience this for themselves in a meaningful way.

She provides private and group retreats at her ranch near Kamloops, BC, provides one-on-one coaching, equine-facilitated coaching training, mentorship, and certification programs.

Loan Client Q&A

Q. What is your greatest strength?

I think my greatest strengths include my passion for my work, my capacity to adapt and grow, my optimism, and stubbornness to hold onto the vision and the ability to persevere and endure the journey. I also have a pretty good intuition and vision for my path, and the ability to stay the course and do the work to support it.

Q. How has the WEC business loan helped to transform your business?

I received my WeBC loan upon the purchase of my retreat center and it was essential in being able to support the high overhead and of running my property and helped me expand my business with this property and retreat space. It has enabled me to grow my practice, give homes to more horses, and surround myself with amazing staff that continue to support our center, our herd, and the work that we do here.

Q. What is the best piece of advice you can share with other business owners?

The biggest lesson I have for you is to give yourself space to have a learning curve because there will be one, surround yourself with people that can support and advise you, mentors, community and help is essential. You are going to make mistakes and that is ok, learn from them, adjust as you go, and be open to being flexible on how your success unfolds.

Where to Find Epona Rise Retreat


3968 Heffley Louis Creek Road, Heffley Creek, British Columbia VOE 1Z1

(250) 578-0226

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