Laura Daley, Daley Bread Bakery, Golden

WeBC February 3, 2023

Owner and baker Laura Daley of Daley Bread knows that hard work is the key to a successful business. Laura has worked as an in-house pastry chef for a luxury heli-skiing company and has operated a bakery for seven years in Banff. 

After her position was eliminated due to the pandemic, Laura relocated to beautiful Golden, BC. She soon realized there was nowhere to buy a great loaf of artisan bread or a freshly baked croissant, and saw an opportunity to start her own business. The people of Golden didn’t waste any time; once they smelled the beautiful aroma of freshly baked bread, they began lining up at Laura’s brand-new kitchen and storefront.

Credit: @daleybreadbakery on Instagram

Laura was busy from day one in the bakery— so busy that she didn’t have time to hire specialized staff for her thriving business. Finding trained bakers in a small town like Golden was clearly going to be a problem…and Laura barely had time to sleep, let alone teach someone how to bake. 

As a result, Laura made the difficult but necessary decision to reduce her business opening hours to four days per week. As any solopreneur knows, working full-time, and wearing all the hats, is the path to burnout, so she was honest and transparent with her customers. She was anticipating push-back, but Laura says: 

“The community has been so supportive in my entrepreneurial journey!”

Daley Bread has continued to repay the support of her new community by donating to fundraisers, lending her voice when asked, and participating in local events such as farmer’s markets and food bank programs. 

Laura is looking forward to a future when she is fully staffed. She sees the value in learning strategies to grow her business, creating a full team, and exploring financing options or even investors. 

“In five years, I see my business moving to a larger main-street location that includes a sit-down cafe that compliments the bakery that is known for artisan breads and pastries.”

Credit: @daleybreadbakery on Instagram

We asked Laura what advice she would give a woman who is thinking about starting a business. She said simply: 

“ALWAYS ask for help! There are so many people who are willing to help you if you ask. Put the word out in your community. Ask for mentorship. Approach another business and ask for their advice—it’s amazing how many people in your community want to help, and see you succeed.”

Laura has learned to slow down and enjoy her success. She understands that the world has changed and taking a day off to balance her personal life and take the time to relax and reset, is not a treat… it’s a necessity! 

She gives thanks to customers who understand that she IS Daley Bread at the moment. 

“People are much more understanding than you think if you’re just honest with them.”

Credit: @daleybreadbakery on Instagram

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