Laura White, Revy Web Design, Revelstoke

WeBC June 16, 2022

A self-confessed computer and tech geek, Laura White loved technology from a young age and started designing websites as a teenager. Realizing people were quite happy to pay her for something she really enjoyed, Laura made the jump to entrepreneurship, starting Revy Web Design in 2019. She hasn’t looked back since.

Laura moved from England to the resort town of Revelstoke, BC, and fell in love with the mountain lifestyle, deciding to make it home. Enjoying the autonomy of working her own hours and being her own boss, Laura built Revy Web Design around her passion for technology and her tight-knit community.  

Six years later, I’m “Revelstuck,” as they say, married to the best chef in Revelstoke and operating my business in a community that I love.

screenshot of revywebdesign.com landing page. Mountain view with words over the top.

Laura’s business is a collective of professional creatives who help local businesses and individuals create polished custom websites, and is largely community-driven. She is dedicated to building up other invested professionals to help Revelstoke thrive.

Running my business is what really fuels me. I value the connections that I make with clients-turned-friends.

Looking for the opportunity to build out her network with like-minded individuals, Laura participated in Discovery Foundation’s Leadership (EM3) Program, presented by WeBC in 2021. As a mentoring program, it is designed to support women entrepreneurs to build and grow their tech-focused or tech-enabled businesses.

The program was an excellent opportunity for me to meet and network with individuals also in a similar industry to me. I have become more confident in how I present myself in terms of body language, my speech and the language that I use. This has helped me in both my professional and personal life. Especially in how I inspire and lead my team.

Q. What is one thing you learned that you were not expecting? 

Our mentor was excellent, and she inspired me in several ways. The program taught me how to look at myself and my business as others perceive it. 

My biggest takeaway from the program was that I have developed more confidence in speaking. In particular, how I speak about my business and speak with my team.

Q. How has the program helped you to form a plan of action for the future? 

Not specifically an action plan but it has made me more intentional. It has inspired me to take my work/life balance more seriously. 

I have become more consciously aware of how I present myself; how I speak in both my professional and personal life.

Q. Do you intend to stay connected with the other program participants? 

I will stay connected with one other participant as I can relate to her; she also operates a small business like mine. The other participants ran larger organizations, but I still found listening to them insightful.

Picture of summer mountains in Revelstoke with Revey Web Design logo in top left-hand corner

Connect with Laura White and Revy Web Design:


Facebook: @revywebdesign 

Instagram: @revywebdesign 

Phone: (250) 814-8685

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