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DIY Qualitative Research: How to Use Conversations to Connect with Customers


When you think of market research, you may picture a large firm engaging a team of researchers with stacks of data. However, market research can be as simple as having conversations with your customers—and even more impactful that way.

Qualitative research allows you to take a customer-focused approach to your business, so you get to know what they want and need, and why. It helps you align with your customers’ values and create a more meaningful brand that goes beyond the transaction.

We’re hosting Catriona Adam, Founder of The Thick Data Company, who specializes in getting to the deeper conversations through qualitative research. She’ll share:

  • What qualitative research really means and when to use it
  • Tips for how to have meaningful conversations that provide you with the information you need without feeling like you’re grilling your customers
  • Who can support you to do qualitative research for your own business

Facilitator: Cathy Burrell, Client Services Coordinator

Panelist: Catriona Adam, Founder, Head of Vision, The Thick Data Company