Growing Your Business

EYE Global: Get Fresh Ideas for Your Business with the Collaboration Program for Entrepreneurs


Are you a business operating in BC and looking to expand to Europe? Do you want to get in touch with European entrepreneurs? Or maybe you just want to get fresh ideas for your own business?

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Global Program financed by the European Union and represented in British Columbia by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada-West & the EU Chamber of Commerce in Canada West has you covered!

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) Global is a program which gives experienced entrepreneurs from Canada the opportunity to collaborate with new or aspiring entrepreneurs from the European Union and the UK.

In this webinar, Linda Schmittmann, Project Manager at the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany ITKAM, uncovered how you can use the EYE Global program to start improving your business at absolutely no cost to you. In this session we covered:

  • The structure of EYE Global program
  • Eligibility criteria of the program
  • Different options and benefits for your business
  • The Application process

If you want to explore new horizons, acquire knowledge and access to European markets; discover new potential cooperation and collaboration opportunities with new entrepreneurs; and find innovative solutions and fresh new ideas to improve your business, then this webinar is for you!

Facilitator: Melanie Rupp, Senior Director, Loans & Advisory Services, WeBC