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Webinar Recording: Corporate Social Responsibility for Small Business


This is the recording of a webinar hosted by Women’s Enterprise Centre in February 2020. To view free upcoming sessions, visit wec.ca/MAF

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) may seem like a commitment made by large corporations, but the practice of building a positive impact into your business plan can be done at any size.

Besides your core offerings, what do you care about? Supporting other local businesses, alleviating homelessness, minimizing your environmental impact?

Besides the feel-good social, environmental and economic effects of giving back, CSR can also help you attract employees and investors, build your brand and foster a stronger community around your business.

This webinar recording explores how you can lay the foundation of social responsibility in your business!

Our panelists share some tips, resources and CSR examples from other small businesses so you can:

  • Learn the difference between CSR and Philanthropy
  • Choose causes that are the right fit, to align your social impact with your values and your brand
  • Integrate CSR into your business plan
  • Make the biggest impact with limited resources

Facilitator:  Danielle Hofer, Training & Outreach Officer, Women’s Enterprise Centre

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/HFGe2aFV5dw”]