20 Things to Start & Stop Doing on Social Media in 2020

Jennifer Kolbuc January 21, 2020
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A new decade is here, along with dozens of ideas for New Year’s resolutions, and new energy to make this year better than the last.

If you run or manage a brand feed for any social media platform, it can be easy to get stuck in the same old habits. If you’re on the resolution bandwagon, then here are a few more ideas to kick around for your social feeds for 2020.

What changes are you hoping to make to your social media strategy for 2020? Let me know in the comments which ones you’ll commit to for the year!

#1 – Start showing your face

Let’s make 2020 the year of more of YOU in your social feeds for your business. Images with faces in them perform up to 40% better on Instagram.

If you’re a small business owner, think about connecting more directly with your audience by showing them who runs the shop. It can be scary at first if you’re not used to being in front of the camera, but with the right photographer and practice, everything gets easier.

#2 – Show up consistently

Once you’ve decided to get your face into your feed, it’s time to show up consistently for your friends. No one likes a friend who never shows up for their coffee date. And no one will be interested in a brand that only shows up occasionally on social media.

Pick a set number of days you can commit to (I recommend Monday through Friday) and start being there for your fans and followers.

#3 – Stop being spammy

Maybe you’re already showing up, a little too much. Don’t be that friend who is constantly trying to sell you her latest essential oil (or insert other MLM here).

You can use social media as a sales tool, just don’t promote yourself 100% of the time. Add value for your customers first and foremost.

#4 – Start being authentic

Do you actually drink coffee out of that fancy mug? Is your home always clean? Are your children perfectly poised? I didn’t think so.

Having some staged brand photos is definitely ok, but don’t be shy in letting your followers get to know the real you and your business. Instagram Stories are a great place to go behind the scenes and share your real everyday chaos.

#5 – Experiment with new types of content

Never gone live? Shared a video? Posted to TikTok? Make 2020 the year you try out a new type of content. You may find you love doing live video, or maybe it’s not for you. Either way, learning how to use a new tool gives you more options for sharing your content.

#6 – Stop ghosting

No one likes when a friend suddenly stops returning our text messages. Make 2020 the year you stop leaving your followers hanging. Answer those DM’s and comments that come in. Let them know you value their feedback. Too many to handle on your own? Consider hiring a VA to help!

#7 – Batch schedule your content

If you’re sitting down and posting live every day, today is the day to stop. Typing out posts one by one is a time suck and a great way to be pulled into other social media feeds.

Use a tool like Later or Buffer to plan out your content, ideally once a week or even every other week to get ahead of your feed.

#8 – Stop worrying about vanity metrics

We know that Instagram has removed likes already for many countries. Make 2020 the year you stop posting just for the likes as well. Post because you have something valuable to say. Post because you want to help others. Post because you want to make someone laugh. Make that your metric for 2020.

#9 – Find your niche

This can be a hard one. The more you start sharing your “Why” as in why you love to do what you do, the more you’ll find your niche.

Double down on how you show up differently, and why your unique background experiences are what makes your offer different than what is out there.

#10 – Start using hashtags – correctly

Hashtags are everywhere, but are you using them correctly? If you’re using them on Facebook – stop. If you’re using them on Instagram, don’t copy and paste the same 30 every time.

Do some research on what your audience is connecting with and posting and change yours up to reflect that.

#11 – Promote your social accounts

You’ve finally taken the steps to create a business Instagram account or Facebook page. Now you have to let people know where to follow you.

Spread the word every way you can – in person, on your website, on business cards, at trade shows and events, in your newsletter. Don’t be shy – people can’t engage with you if they can’t find your account!

#12 – Stop forcing the same content across all channels

Hashtags on Facebook? Incorrectly sized videos on Instagram? Let’s make 2020 the year we all take the time to share the correctly sized and correctly worded content on each channel.

While most content can (and should) be repurposed across channels, make sure that you’re following best practices for each channel before you post.

#13 – Start creating a community

How can your social channels bring people together online or in person? What cause or mission can you rally behind?

Social media is meant to be social. How can you use your channels to create rapport, support, or share the wisdom of others?

#14 – Stop over-editing

There’s nothing wrong with a little photo editing to fix the lighting or brighten up a dark background. With the removal of likes, Instagram is trying to get back to how it started – as a channel to share authentic, in-the-moment photos.

Branded photos still have their place, but ask your photographer to only do minimal edits to let the real you shine through.

#15 – Re-use your best content

Unless 2020 is year one for your business, you potentially have one, two, three or more years of social content that you’ve already shared.

Use the first part of the year to reflect on what content worked best and then re-share that with your audience again, making any tweaks necessary as per the above suggestions.

The memory span of your audience is shorter than you think, and people need to see content multiple times before it sticks in your mind.

Pick out your Top 10 pieces of content (at least) and start by sharing those again this year.

#16 – Repurpose your content

In addition to re-using your content, make 2020 the year you find ways to repurpose the content you already have.

Could you turn a written blog post into a short video explaining the tips and share that on social media? Could you take the same topic you’ve written and share it as a guest article on another site? Could you do an Instagram story of a longer video chopped up in shorter segments?

Don’t let your hard work go to waste, find more ways to reach more people with the same content.

#17 – Commit to building an email list

This probably seems like a weird suggestion for social media tips. Social media is a great place to find your tribe. But to keep that conversation going in a way that you can control, without ever-changing algorithms, you need to build your own network. This is the power of an email list.

#18 – Give back

If you’ve worked hard on developing a following, how could you give back to your community? How could you partner with another account, brand, or non-profit to make a bigger impact?

With so many opportunities to help in so many ways today, is there one cause you could pick to support at strategic times throughout the year?

#19 – Follow awesome content creators

Whatever channel you’re on, find the best of the best for what you do and follow them. Learn from them. Interact with them, and ask them questions.

The only way to keep getting better at social is to learn from those who are delivering the best content.

#20 – Have fun!

Let’s make social media fun again. If there are accounts you follow that make you feel terrible about yourself or the world, it’s time to unfollow them.

Find accounts that make you laugh. Post your outtakes. Post your behind-the-scenes. Have fun with your accounts – and maybe it will help you grow a more meaningful, engaged audience for 2020 and beyond.

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