Summer Wang, Tiny Hoppers, Langley

WeBC July 6, 2023

Recognized as a premier award-winning early learning centre, the Tiny Hoppers franchise has attracted the attention of parents here in Canada and around the globe. In 2018, Summer Wang, Katy Lu, Betty Zhu, and Tiffany Wang teamed up to open BC’s first Tiny Hoppers daycare in Langley-Willoughby to expand childcare services for families in the local community.

After thorough market research confirmed an unfulfilled demand for childcare, Summer and her partners came together to fill the gap in local childcare opportunities. To take advantage of an award-winning childcare program, they decided to become a franchisee under Tiny Hoppers, an established global childcare franchise.

“Adopting a franchise has allowed my partners and I to build our business on a solid foundation,” explains Summer, who has an MBA from Trinity Western University. “With Tiny Hoppers, we want to give children in BC a safe and fun space to play and learn. We teamed up with educational experts to  provide a supportive environment for our children to learn and grow with unique and stimulating programs that are only available at Tiny Hoppers.”

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Providing a space where children would thrive required up-front investments to cover construction costs, which Summer and her business partners were able to finance through WeBC. WeBC’s unique funding program differs from traditional financial institutions, allowing broader eligibility criteria to meet the needs of women entrepreneurs. 

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Q: What’s the biggest lesson you have learned on your entrepreneurial journey?

A: Getting started in a new business is always challenging. Whether you’re looking for a suitable location or have to fulfill specific requirements to be allowed to operate, there are many obstacles along the way, so it’s very important that you find support. That could be finding a business partner to complement your skillset or reaching out to communities like WeBC when you encounter roadblocks. There are many people out there who are willing to help!

Q: What role has the community played in the success of your business? 

A: The support from WeBC and its community really helped us establish and grow our business, allowing us to provide quality programs led by professional staff. 

Additionally, having the Tiny Hoppers franchise provided us with guidance and policies on the operational side of the business was a big source of support. Since we know how challenging starting a new childcare facility can be, we’re now supporting other entrepreneurs in the process of opening up new Tiny Hoppers locations across BC.

Q: How did the WeBC loan program support you in starting your business?

A: WeBC’s financial support was essential for our business starting out. We had a kind WeBC representative that guided us through the process and helped us prepare the loan application for submission. With the loan, we were able to invest in our facility and create a wonderful environment for the children that is safe, fun, and provides space for them to explore their unique interests.

Q: What does the future of your business look like?

A: We believe that there is still a lot of potential for growth in the childcare market and we want to be a part of it. We really enjoy working with our children and their families, and we are blessed to have a great team of educators on staff. Looking ahead, we’re excited to expand our community further and welcome more children into the growing number of Tiny Hoppers daycares in BC.

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