Three Feel-Good Things To Do Every Day To Increase Your Productivity

MentorshipBC August 3, 2016

Being productive should feel good. If you tend to procrastinate and worry about the things you feel you should be doing, it’s a sign that you may associate productivity with pain.

Luckily, you can change your mindset about productivity and implement habits that make productivity enjoyable.

Try these tips to maximize your productivity:

1. Every morning tackle the top three things you are putting off

If you start your day off by tackling the top three things you would rather put off for the day, you will feel more self-confident in your abilities to achieve goals. This is because each time you set a goal and achieve it, you release the feel-good chemical dopamine in your brain motivating you to set more goals and achieve them. Procrastinating on the other hand, as you may know, feels bad, and leads to more procrastination.

2. Choose a life segment to focus on every day

On a piece of paper, write down these seven segments of your life: work/finances, fitness/health, social relationships, hobbies, self-development, self-care and family. Next, put a number between zero and ten next to each segment about how you think you are doing in each area. (zero being the worst. ten being the best.)

Every week, choose one or two segments you feel you would like to improve on and focus on them. Doing this exercise will show you how much influence you have over your life and how small constant changes can create big outcomes.

3. Do a daily activity to get into the zone

Have you ever felt so invested and interested in something you are doing that it feels like time has stopped? That’s what it feels like to be in the zone – where you are at the peak of your productivity and creativity. The great thing is there are ways to intentionally get into the zone, rather than accidentally falling into it.

What gets people into the zone is different for everyone, but you can try mindfulness meditation (which increases blood flow to your prefrontal cortex in your brain which allows you to focus more easily), exercise (which makes you feel more alert and awake), and morning journaling (which can reduce the number of thoughts you have, allowing you to focus on the present moment).

Try one of these tips today and start thriving with goal setting and a focused mindset.

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