Three Questions for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Karen Southall Watts October 26, 2018

Are you ready for entrepreneurship? Is business ownership for you? Before you take the leap it’s important that you understand the realities of starting and running a business. Most articles on this topic will warn you about the lack of a predictable paycheck, the need to take risks, and the importance of internal motivation. I know, I’ve written many of them.

However, there are three additional questions to consider before making the decision to become an entrepreneur.

Can you make peace with sales?

Sales are the lifeblood of business, and this can be tough for people without a background in sales. In addition, many of us have memories of interactions with salespeople that were less than stellar. Can you ignore all your personal baggage about salespeople stereotypes? You are going to have to pitch your product or services with enthusiasm. To keep your business in good financial health you must be able to ask for what you’re worth and do it with a smile.

Are you willing to scrap ideas that don’t work?

In the writing world, we call this “killing your darlings” – a rather brutal way to describe cutting out useless bits from a manuscript. Successful entrepreneurs must be willing to practice the same tough methods in business. This means dumping products that customers don’t want, ditching ads that don’t connect with your audience, and abandoning systems that waste time, no matter how enthusiastic you were about any of these in the beginning. Flexibility and adaptability separate prosperous entrepreneurs from the ones who almost made it.

Do you realize that self-care is serious business?

Launching a startup is hard, no matter how much you love your idea. Pure enthusiasm can only carry you so far. Eventually, you are going to need a lifestyle that allows you to compete in the marketplace while maintaining a healthy mind and body. Are you committed to getting enough sleep, adequate nutrition, and appropriate exercise? If not, you might not last through the launch process.

Look beyond the traditional questions to see if you are really ready for the entrepreneurship adventure.

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