7 Women Entrepreneurs on Mindset For Business Excellence

Ekaterina Ramirez October 2, 2013
women resilience

Every entrepreneur understands that our mindset plays a large part when it comes to creating a successful venture and leaving a mark on the world.

To find out what accomplished business leaders consider as important traits for success, I approached seven female entrepreneurs from different industries with one common thread – they are re-defining stereotypes and norms we are used to.

Here is what they believe is critical to excel as an entrepreneur in their industries:

Patience and Positivity

Lisa von Sturmer, the founder of Growing City, pointed out that she believes patience and positivity are key mindsets for success as an entrepreneur. Cause challenges are inevitable, an objective frame of mind is a must-have to be able to make good decisions.


Jessica Oman from Write Ahead considers confidence to be important in a service-oriented business. When you are selling your knowledge and promising a certain outcome, you need to trust your ability to deliver results.


Lauren Bacon, Technology Entrepreneur and Business Coach, says that in the technology industry flexibility and curiosity are critical skills to develop. You need to experiment and innovate not only with technology itself but also with how humans interact and behave.

Guts to Stand Out

Gabrielle Loren, the founding partner at Loren, Nancke & Company, achieved a level of success beyond others in her industry by uniquely standing out among accountants. She believes that being knowledgeable and experienced is not enough to drive business. On top of it, you’ve got to be unconventional.

Connection and Purpose

Jenna Herbut, the founder of Make It Productions and Make It University, considers passion and purpose to be essential in the handmade world. Artists and crafters sell not only a product itself. They sell stories and feelings that go with it.


Natalie MacNeil, the founder of SheTakesOnTheWorld.com, regards criticism to be the biggest challenge when building a business. To conquer the criticism, she advocated for developing a sense of resilience through a daily practice.


April Bellia, the founder of Granola Girl, pinpoints perseverance as a key factor for entrepreneurial success. By believing in her product and staying focused on her message, she is able to move forward and continue building what she envisions for her business to accomplish.

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Ekaterina Ramirez is a pro when it comes to mindset. She writes about it on her blog and vigorously researches how mentality influences our experiences in business, including performance, creativity and profitability. She loves helping entrepreneurs upgrade their mindsets so they can grow their businesses with more ease.