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Strength in Community Workshops 1.0 | Building Personal Leadership

November 9, 2023 @ 9:30 am - 12:00 pm

Are you a woman entrepreneur looking to build your business network and get practical business-building tools to support your personal and entrepreneurial journey? Then the Strength in Community Workshop program is for you.

WeBC is proud to collaborate with Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba for a 5-part workshop that will allow you to experience connection and collaboration with other entrepreneurs, encourage each other, experiment, and practice together. 

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About the SCW Program

As an entrepreneur, you will likely encounter a host of struggles and obstacles along your journey. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in entrepreneurship for many years, you may have moments where you second-guess your abilities and hesitate to take the bold steps necessary to grow your business. These moments could hold you back from seizing opportunities and realizing your full potential.

This foundational program focuses on helping you build your personal capacity to lead the most important person in your business – you. By strengthening your self-confidence and empowerment, you will develop the foundation for pursuing your entrepreneurial goals with determination and resilience. This program will help you grow your personal leadership capacity so that you can thrive within the challenges and changes of today’s business environment.

In this program, you will meet and connect with other self-identifying women entrepreneurs in a coach-facilitated, small-group virtual setting over five weeks. Each workshop is designed to be interactive, engaging, and conversational. This is your opportunity to work on you and your business, to help you gain clarity and confidence, discover possibility and courage, and build your internal capacity to make your business a success. 

SCW Workshops take place live and online and are not recorded to maintain optimum confidentiality for you and the group. 

An Overview of the Five Workshops

Workshop 1 – Understanding Your Signature Strengths and Your Why 

In this workshop, you’ll explore the core of your being as you uncover your signature strengths, those unique qualities that set you apart and fuel your entrepreneurial spirit. We’ll also explore the profound question of “Your Why” – the driving force behind your business endeavors. Through guided exercises and insightful discussions, you’ll align your personal strengths with your business goals.

Workshop 2 – Passion and Resilience 

In this workshop, you’ll explore the power of your passion as a driving force behind your entrepreneurial dreams, learning how to infuse it into every aspect of your business. You’ll also uncover the tools to cultivate resilience, enabling you to bounce back stronger from setbacks and navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship with grace and determination. This hands-on, interactive workshop will equip you to not only pursue your dreams with renewed vigor but also to thrive in the face of adversity as a resilient and passionate entrepreneur.

Workshop 3 – Goal Setting for Success 

In this workshop, you’ll discover how to turn your entrepreneurial vision into a roadmap for success, setting clear, actionable, and achievable goals that propel your business forward. You’ll gain the skills to break down your aspirations into manageable steps and stay motivated throughout your entrepreneurial journey to bring them to fruition, unlocking your full potential as a goal-driven business owner.

Workshop 4 – Cultivating Possibility 

In this workshop, explore ideas around self-doubt and learn effective strategies to overcome the feeling of not being “enough.” You’ll cultivate the belief in your capabilities and discover how embracing a growth mindset can fuel your entrepreneurial journey. This workshop will help you understand the imposter’s voice in your head and learn how to flip the script to nourish your growth mindset–the doorway to possibility. 

Workshop 5 – Growing and Leveraging Your Community 

In this workshop, you’ll explore the art of building authentic connections, fostering valuable relationships, and expanding your network of support. You will identify opportunities to harness the power of your community for mentorship, collaboration, and business opportunities. This workshop will help you take inventory of who is in your community and plot ways to cultivate and leverage your community to accelerate your business growth.

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Program Information

  • Dates: November 9, 16, 23, 30, and December 7 
  • Time: 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM (PST)
  • Fee: $149.00 + GST.* 

*If the program cost presents an obstacle, please call us TF: 1.800.203.2343 

Want to Know More? Join us for a Free Information Session and Ask Us Anything on November 2!

If you have questions or you’re not yet sure if the Strength in Community program is for you, join SCW Facilitator and Integrative Coach, Geraldine De Braune and the SCW team, alongside workshop alumni as we talk about the program and answer your questions. Register for the free info session >>>