Green Solutions for Strategic Growth

Connie Linder November 29, 2018

As an entrepreneur, do you ever feel that “Greening your business” is something additional to your core business strategy? Do you regard it as an extra added cost? Think again. Sustainability is good business sense and is an excellent return on investment.

It is economically beneficial, creates a loyal customer base, builds a strong brand image, and supports strong employee retention.

1. Make sustainability your core business strategy

Recognise that “Greening” is not something that is added to your business existence and growth. Create a committed attitude to it and reflect it in all your business decisions. Using less paper and leaving few carbon footprints are two such examples. Sustainability is reflected in the way businesses implement best practices and incorporate them as an integral part of their business growth.

2. Stay committed to best practices strategies

Sustainability creates more emotional commitment. Maintain the passion to stay true to your strengths. Consumers care for businesses that stand out by leaving a less negative impact on the environment and who treat people with respect. Such businesses build incredible customer loyalty.

3. Use your advertising dollars prudently

Research shows that the ratio for online advertising is increasing substantially. Look for ways to leverage your advertising dollar. Reduce your carbon footprint by using less paper and increasing online advertising. Enlist in online directories, create linkages and build a strong web presence. It is easier to correct mistakes in your online advertisement than in a brochure of which you have 500 copies printed.
Every effort counts and can lead to major transformations in our communities and environment.

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