Growing Your Business

Demystifying Government Grants for Small Businesses


Have you seen the stories of big businesses being awarded million-dollar grants and thought “where are all the grants for small businesses?”. You are not alone. There are a lot of myths when it comes to Government grants for small business, most commonly:

Myth 1: grants are readily available for underrepresented groups, such as women;
Myth 2: grants are only for large companies; and,
Myth 3: grant applications are long and complex.

Are these myths preventing you from accessing resources that could benefit your small business? The reality is: few government grants are based solely on being part of an underrepresented group; grants are available for any size business; and grants meant for small business owners often have straightforward applications!

In this webinar we discovered what grants are available to small business owners, where to find them (and more) and how you can easily apply for them:

  • Demystify the common myths about government grant funding
  • Identify information required to apply for hiring and training grants
  • Share resources on where to access small business grants
  • Review best practices to apply for grants
  • Walk through a sample application step by step

You may be hard-pressed to find a government grant to cover start-up business overhead, like rent or inventory, but what about a grant for hiring help to increase capacity or give you more time to work on your business? What about a training grant to prepare yourself and/or your employees for a changing workplace? How about a grant to get your business selling online?

Facilitator: Kim Yuen, Business Advisor, WeBC