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What Are Purchasing Motivators and Behaviours?


Understanding why and how people purchase is probably the most important step in the strategic
marketing process. People often miss this critical step, because they assume that their customers think,
act and buy the same way they do.

  • Purchasing motivators are why people buy. Customers are more open to services that meet their own image, solve their problems or put them into a better situation. The better the match, the more
    attractive you become.
  • Purchasing behaviours are how people buy. These are the ways people prefer to buy. Purchasing
    behaviours do not change all that often (think of how you grocery shop… the store, the routine, the
    timing, etc.) The easiest way to meet the people you want to meet is to go to the places where they
    prefer to be.

Why Understand Your Target Market?

  • The more you know about your target customers, the easier it is to talk their language. That
    makes marketing simpler and more effective.
  • People find you attractive when you are interested in them and talk their language. When that
    happens, you will spend less time selling.
  • Give people what they want, not what you want. It reduces the time and energy you put into
  • The better you understand your customers, the more quickly they will identify with you, and the
    sooner the chances of a purchase.

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