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How to Prove There is Enough Demand for Your Product


At WeBC, we work with a lot of entrepreneurs who have great ideas for new businesses. Usually, these ideas come from identifying a gap in the market, or a problem they think needs to be solved. 

But how do you know if your business idea will translate into an actual successful business? How do you prove that there is enough demand for your product?

There are a few components to product-market fit:

  • It means there are enough customers out there who want to purchase the goods or service you
    are producing.
  • It means you can offer that good or service at a price that allows you to earn a profit.
  • It means you and your team are the right people to start the business, and that the idea itself is
  • It means you have found a solution to a problem that people will pay to have solved for them.
    This may seem obvious, but sometimes people create a solution in search of a problem. They
    have developed a product that they love and work backwards to try to figure out how to make
    people want it.

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