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Small Business Bidding: Tour the New Website


This is the second session in a 3 part series Bidding on Government Contracts: Tips for Small Businesses series. To watch the other webinar recordings in the series visit:

In the previous session of this “Bidding on Government Contracts” series, we outline what the government is buying. In this recording we’ll get into the bidding details.

Take a deep dive into the bidding process so you can spend less time looking for opportunities and more time growing your business.

We’re delighted to host Alexander Emesh from Procurement Assistance Canada (PAC) who shared key information to help you bid on opportunities, including:

  • Ways to register
  • How to navigate Canadabuys and follow opportunities
  • Who to follow-up with after receipt of the bidding process results
  • Best practices, tips and suggestions

Facilitator: Cathy Burrell, Entrepreneur in Residence, WeBC

Panelist: Alexander Emesh, Policy Analyst, Business Engagement, Procurement Assistance Canada (PAC)

About the Panelist

Alexander Emesh has over five years of experience working in the federal government. He currently works as a Policy Analyst with Procurement Assistance Canada (PAC), where he has helped potential suppliers navigate the federal procurement process, develop the tools to find new opportunities, and understand more about federal government support.
He has also worked in Information Management, Issues Management, Veterans Affairs Canada, and the Canadian Army Reserves. He has also served as Chair of Avant Garde for over two and a half years and has helped develop Take a Break With a Network, Welcome to the Mentoship, RFP Shark Tank, Detective Disc, Regional Engagement Digital Fair, and Becoming a Fearless Leader event. During his career, Alexander has received rewards for “Innovative Thinking”, “Award for Excellence in Response to Covid19”, “Best Pitch – Fedstarter” and has been recognized for his dedication to client service.
Alexander holds a BSc in Political Science at Arizona State University and graduated with Cum Laude. He also holds a Masters Degree in Global Security – Cybersecurity at the Center on the Future of War at Arizona State University.