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Meet Archana Samtani Singhania, WeBC Business Advisor

WeBC Business Advisor Archana Samtani Singhania

A Bit About Me

Just like any other immigrant newcomer, I came to Canada with dreams and ambitions thinking that my journey is going to be easy, but I underestimated the challenges. As soon as I landed in BC, I started working towards integrating my values while defining my work and life goals. I worked with many settlement organizations including WeBC, S.U.C.C.E.S.S, ISS of BC, MOSAIC, and YWCA to help me integrate with the Canadian employment workforce and the entrepreneurship landscape.

This became tougher when the pandemic hit. In addition to starting a new business in a new country with rules that I knew little about, I faced other challenges of not being able to meet people face to face, not being able to evaluate spaces physically, constraints in talking to potential customers, doing market research, and eventually figuring out how will I reach my final paying customer. If I did not have the support of the various organizations mentioned above, I would have been completely lost.

I decided to start my business in a highly regulated market of food. I had to figure out the entire process of getting approvals from the health authorities getting my packaging, labeling, production, pricing, logistics, distribution, and sales in place with limited capital.

I cannot imagine how much tougher this journey would have been if I didn’t have WeBC to call and ask a question, or if I didn’t have ISS of BC to introduce me to resources that helped me get started.

Now, as a Business Advisor with WeBC, I work with startup and growth entrepreneurs to help them navigate challenges in their business. I have also updated my knowledge in the import-export space so I can help entrepreneurs expand markets or streamline their cost of goods sold (COGS).

I understand the challenges of being a newcomer immigrant to Canada because I have been one myself!

I couldn’t get a credit card before depositing money against it first. I couldn’t buy a car without my husband’s signature. I understand the problems that women of colour, or minority-represented groups face while starting or growing their business, accessing capital, or even other resources through their entrepreneur journey.

An immigrant entrepreneur may have more questions, be more hesitant to ask or feel apprehensive about starting their business for the fear of doing something wrong—or maybe because they want to do everything right. Whatever your situation or your story is, contact me for a complimentary business advisory session, or just call me to chat so I can see how WeBC can help you on your entrepreneurship journey.


Archana Samtani Singhania
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Learn About WeBC Programs and Services

WeBC approaches funding differently from traditional financial institutions. We lend based on the viability of your business and the strength of your business plan, not just your financial position, personal net worth or credit score. This means that we can often approve loans to women who do not qualify with other lenders.

Our core funding program provides business loans up to $150,000, and we have an Equal Access to Capital (EAC) program for immigrant women which does not require specific security for loans up to $50k. We are also the BC Loan Fund Partner of the WEOC National Loan Fund.

When you get a business loan from us, you also receive wrap-around support with free advisory services, training, and mentoring.

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Are you unsure what your next step is to start or grow your business? We meet you where you’re at in your entrepreneurship journey and help you to find your way.

Our Professional Business Advisors can provide support on a variety of topics such as marketing, business planning, strategic planning, accessing capital, managing cash flow, exporting and more, and our advisory services are free.

We also offer a free Starting a Business Info Session to answer the most common questions our team hears about starting a business.

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We help you build the essential skills needed to start and run a business, from marketing to cash flow, operations to exporting.

With WeBC training, you’ll gain practical skills that you can implement immediately in your business. We offer:

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Our Mentoring Programs connect women with experienced entrepreneurs and a support network. In our mentorship program, women gain clarity, confidence and networks to grow their businesses.

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Learn how you can complete your funding puzzle with equity financing. WeBC has partnered with Investor Q&A to help women business owners take charge of investor Q&As. WeBC is a partner in two national projects that provide access to this award-winning program for women business owners in BC.

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Learn about WeBC’s Business Loan program, including unsecured loans up to $50k.

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“Seeing the diversity of experiences and expertise each member brought to my mentoring group was terrific. I learned a lot from the other women in the group through their stories and advice. We were all invested in each other’s success, which made it easy to ask for help and offer support when needed. It was inspiring to see how much we could achieve by working together.”

“I have had a relationship with WeBC since the early days of my first business. I must say it has formed into a long, trusted and very supportive business relationship. I don’t know where I would be today if it wasn’t for WeBC, honestly. WeBC was the first to be there for me and really gave me the support I needed right when I needed it.”

“So inspiring and encouraging, I appreciate the content and connecting with so many amazing entrepreneurs.”

“I learnt a lot and it was wonderful being part of this community with other women who are so strong and intelligent.”

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